Security Operation Center (SOC)

Cyber incidents occur every day. It is now clear that blocking every single intrusion is nothing but an illusion. While embracing the Digital Transformation, companies increase their on-line presence, adopt open IT architectures and consequently increase their exposure to cyber threats. Attacks become more and more sophisticated.

And since they are more targeted than ever before, organisations may have difficulty detecting and addressing them. Therefore, ensuring business continuity relies more and more on the ability to fast detect security incidents and mitigate threat’s impact on operations.


  • HOW TO PREVENT ATTACKS? Security governance plan based on iterative Plan-Do-Check-Act in order to enhance security, reduce risk and address compliance requirements.
  • HOW TO DETECT MALICIOUS ACTIVITIES? Quickly identify and understand signs of potential malicious activities by constantly monitoring availability and integrity of critical assets in real time.
  • HOW TO ENSURE CONTINUITY OF OPERATIONS? Fast and effective management of security incidents by defining correlation use cases and cyber defense strategy to mitigate the threat’s impact.


NRB and Excellium help organisations protect operations and business by increasing security visibility, lower risks and better manage security incidents. We do this through our Security Operation Center which provides continuous assessment and monitoring of your company’s exposure to threats, fast detection of incidents, assistance and remediation with countermeasures implementation.

Unlike other security services suppliers, we combine Consulting, Infrastructure and Security Operation Center to provide a one-stop-shop service for all hosting, cybersecurity and compliance needs. This allows you to deploy agile and scalable security solutions to address new cyber security threats.


Architecture SOC -NRB | Excelium


NRB and Excellium will set up a formal approach for an efficient Incident Response Service. We will:

  • Evaluate and prepare your incident response plan
  • Train your team to understand current security challenges
  • Connect your infrastructure to NRB and Excellium via a connection kit and encrypted link
  • Define Service Level Agreements (SLA), a responsibility assignment matrix (RACI) and contacts for escalation
  • Put in place 24/7 internal / external security monitoring and management based on your existing SIEM or Excellium’s shared SIEM
  • Escalate only relevant incidents after analysis
  • Provide executive and operational reporting


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