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28 March 2017
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This little character has been around for a while now. You may already have crossed paths with him since he’s currently touring all around Wallonia, demonstrating all the advantages of a connected citizen space. But where does he come from?

Nowadays, cities are constantly seeking to improve their services with an aim at offering a more fluid experience to all users as well as providing concrete answers to the everyday concerns of their citizens.

13 October 2016
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When businesses, people and associations adopt new types of technology, it generates new demands and requirements, along with tailored infrastructures. Cities and municipalities will then need to adapt to these changes, which are in the process of revolutionising the global economy.

28 September 2016
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Clearly, there was a pre-HANA period full of constraints and restrictions, and now there’s HANA, a door that’s wide open. More than a new type of technology, it’s a whole new way of processing information.

12 September 2016
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The EU’s new data protection regulation, known as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), can impact your organisation significantly in terms of how to handle personal data. Your organisation will not only be responsible for ensuring compliance with the regulation in terms of handling and protecting personal data, it could even be penalised for non-compliance and it will be liable for any damage resulting from data breaches. NRB provides expertise in GDPR and has developed a modular approach supported by a portfolio of services to guide you towards GDPR compliance at your own pace taking into account your organisation’s security maturity and your budgetary means.

3 August 2016
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A smart village is a community that combines the advantages of the small scale with modern, high-performance services for residents.

3 May 2016
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Energy optimisation of public buildings is a problem that is found in most cities and towns.

5 April 2016
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We take for granted services that work the same way all over Europe, such as withdrawing cash from any ATM in the euro zone and easily transferring money between European bank accounts. These services are the result of major interoperability projects and, as European citizens working towards closer integration, we should probably be using and requesting more and innovative cross-border services.


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