Digital Marketing

The world has gone digital!

For any organization, whether public or private, on-line communicating, selling or offering services has become a question of survival. The search engines and Google in particular have become the entry gates for all of the world’s information. Consumers compare prices on the internet and ask for advice from their friends on social media before buying, whether the latter is done directly on-line or in the shop. Citizens do not hesitate to question the quality of public services or criticize brands publically on Facebook or Twitter. These phenomena force all organizations to monitor and manage their on-line image.

Faced with this new paradigm, NRB offers solutions for measuring and managing your on-line image, publications and campaigns.

Our offer

Websites & Web Content Management

Having an attractive and effective website is a must today! It is no longer just an on-line show-case but has become a fully fledged sales channel. It is therefore essential that the technologies that are being used are solid, that the interface is intuitive and that the design is of high quality. In addition, your website must be perfectly displayed on all types of screens, from smartphones to HD televisions.

NRB can assist you throughout your web projects; from strategy to hosting, through conception, ergonomics, design, development, referencing and the integration with your systems (mainframe or distributed). It is precisely there, that you will find the value added of our company. At NRB, you will find all the specialists you need, under the same roof, for the creation of your site. We systematically offer responsive sites fully adapting to any device.

In close collaboration with our Afelio subsidiary, we create websites on the basis of Web Content Management Systems (WCMS). These allow our customers to be completely autonomous in the publication of their digital content. Our teams are specialized in the Drupal and Adobe Experience Manager (Adobe Marketing Cloud), technologies.

Web Analytics

Measuring traffic on your website, analysing the contents searched for and consumed by your visitors and calculating your Web Content Management Systems (WCMS) can help you optimize your offerings and on-line campaigns.

NRB’s consultants can help you implement internet traffic analysis solutions such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics. They can also advice you in the use and management of tags using Google Tag Manager or Adobe Tag Manager.

Campaign Management

Whether it concerns sending e-mails or multi-channel campaigns, NRB can assist you through the implementation, integration and use of management tools for your on-line marketing campaigns. Our experts can support you in setting up MailChimp and Adobe Campaign.

Certain tools have their own analytical functions, others demonstrate their real value when they communicate with your web analytics and reporting applications. While certain CRMs allow you to pilot your campaigns directly, it is important to directly link your Campaign Management solution to your CRM in order to be able to measure your ROMI ( Return on Marketing Investment). 

Social Media Management

What do people say about your company, your brand, your products or services? How many speak about them. How are you seen? Controlling what is published about you on social media is not obvious, as you are most certainly present on multiple channels such as  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.. The number of channels is still constantly growing. Ensuring a consistent image in all of these becomes indeed quite a challenge.

Today, it is possible to monitor the social media, to manage your publications on these media and even to manage your marketing campaigns through a single interface. To do this, NRB uses solutions such as HootSuite, Adobe Social or Oracle Social Relationship Management. Next to specialized solutions such as Social Media Analytics from IBM which allows you to analyse public perception and sentiments and therefore to evaluate and steer your digital brand image.

NRB experts will assist you in the choice and the set up of these tools. It will assist your teams to implement them and to get control of your image on these very fast-moving media.


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