Backup in the Cloud

Your solution for self-service backup

As IT Manager, you know how important it is to keep up with technical developments. Of course, you give priority to updating applications that support the key processes of your organization. The maintenance of backup tools is therefore less in the focus. Still, these products evolve and need to be migrated towards new versions.

Simplify your backups and save time

With Backup in the Cloud, NRB offers a solution that will allow you to gain in several ways:

  • You no longer need to manage a dedicated infrastructure for your backups and to anticipate the storage capacities that are under-utilized, whether they are tapes (or other back-up media) or servers housed by you.
  • You limit your investments, your costs and you gain in flexibility and freedom.
  • You can guarantee your users the quality and the relevance of the data backed-up while establishing a model of transparent good governance that will make your processes more fluid and more efficient.
  • You free yourself of the need to have in-house experts to manage your back-ups and you can spend your time to activities with a greater added value. All the manipulations are done simply through a portal without a single line of command.

Our offer

Backup in the Cloud is a solution that will allow you to manage your back-ups in a totally autonomous way. Everything is done through an internet browser via an on-line, easy-to-use, self-service portal. You will have access to a simple dashboard that summarizes the status of your back-ups and provides you with direct access to all of its functionalities.

Behind Backup in the Cloud is hidden a top level tool for optimally backing up your files but also your servers and your business systems. From now on, Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME) can access a back-up service of unquestionable quality at an affordable cost since the billing is based upon consumption.

Backup in the cloud is accessible from up to three different levels of users: IT Manager, Corporate Entity and Corporate user. Consequently, if you operate in the mode IT as a shop, by creating partitions per department or business unit, the solution will allow you to chargeback or showback, i.e. to bill the costs of the back-ups to each entity within your organization.


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